Practical guidelines

Every day, there is one plenary session consisting of two plenary talks, between 9.00-11.00 hrs., in Room A (days 1-4), and in Room Z (day 5),

Thereafter, parallel sessions follow in rooms B–F.

Generally, 30 minutes are assigned to every presentation, which includes 20 minutes for the paper (with a clear thesis and argumentation) and 10 minutes for questions/discussion. Please kindly follow the timetable and do not extend your own presentation beyond the limit of 30 minutes (20+10 min.). It is the task of the chairperson to keep the timetable.

Most sessions consist of four presentations (30 min. each), i.e. 2 hours. Some sessions, with three papers, will be shorter (1 hour and 30 minutes in total). Such a session will therefore end earlier so that one may join another session (the fourth paper in another session).

On exception is Day 3 (Tuesday, 20th June): after the plenary session there will be parallel sessions some of which may include five papers (11.15-13.45) and will therefore be longer. On Tuesday (20th June) afternoon there will be no sessions.

Every room will be equipped with a projector and a computer which reads the following formats: PPT / PPTX, PDF. We advise that the size of the font in your presentations be at least 20 pt to be easily readable. Please kindly avoid smaller font size.

We kindly request all participants to begin their presentations in time and to stick to the timetable. Punctuality of all parallel sessions will enable all of us to move between the sessions and to listen to the papers we select.